Vintage Spanking Photos

Spanking In Movies

February 9, 2007


I’ve been told that photos of leading men spanking their leading ladies in publicity stills were often misleading as the movies they were promoting had absolutely no spanking in them. Spankings would occasionally occur, as many of us know well since they caught our attention, but a spanking photo of the stars wasn’t a guarantee of a movie spanking.

Since you did so well with the last one, anyone care to name this movie?

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Old Fashioned Movie Spanking

February 7, 2007


I found this and it was marked “movie spanking” but I have no idea what movie it’s from. Anyone?

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More Of Bettie Getting Spanked

February 5, 2007


This photo is from a series of Bettie Page getting spanked on a pull-out sofa. I posted a few of these earlier, but I recently came across this image and I really like it so I’m posting it now.

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Pajama Pants Pulled Down

February 2, 2007


Doesn’t she look inviting with her pj’s half off?

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