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Sanka Coffee Ad Spanking

June 11, 2007


This Sanka Coffee ad is a classic! Here we have “War Conscience” scolding and spanking a woman who wasted paper due to lack of sleep. The answer? Drink Sanka Coffee, of course!

Here’s how the ad reads.


War Conscience: Can’t huh? Well paste this in your hat, Bright Eyes. I’m your Wartime Conscience and I can do anything. And this little meeting is on account of all that precious waste paper you burned last week.


War Conscience: Hurt! Why you little parlor patriot, when I think of how much the U.S. needs waste paper to make shipping containers for blood plasma, K rations, millions of things. And then you go and burn…Why I ought to….


Woman: Ow! Please! I know I should have saved it for salvage, but I – Ow!…just get so tired when I – Ow!…can’t sleep after my coffee at night that I – Ow!

War Conscience: Sis, you can drop dead from tiredness. But if you don’t turn in every last paper box, bag, newspaper, or carton for salvage, Auntie’s going to make dropping dead look like a pleasure! And haven’t you ever heard of Sanka Coffee?

Woman: Sanka?


War Conscience: Baby, if it’s coffee keeps you awake at nights, drink Sanka and sleep! It’s 97% caffein-free. It not only lets you sleep, it practically snores for you! And flavor! Madam, Sanka’s the coffee that makes breakfast as good as a banquet! Get some!

Woman: Well thank you. I –

War Conscience: Skip it, dearie. Just remember: You can drink Sanka Coffee. You can sleep. But, baby, if you burn up any more precious waste paper, you’ll do ’em both standing up. Get it?

Wow! That War Conscience really knew how to scold didn’t she?

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  1. Wow that IS a classic. and in a coffee ad of all places.

    thx for posting.

    Comment by dave — June 13, 2007 @ 11:05 pm

  2. There was another coffee spanking, as well — Hills Brothers or Chase and Sanborn or somesuch thing. Don’t quote me on the names — maybe that would make an interesting item to “google.”

    Comment by Linda — August 20, 2007 @ 1:00 pm

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